Choosing Unscented Moving Wick Candles

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Candles are a very common gift that can be given for a number of occasions, equally appropriate as a birthday present or a housewarming gift. Open flame candles, however, can be inconvenient, inefficient, and unsafe for environments where children and pets might be present. Moving wick candles give the ambience and look of a moving flame, without the inconvenience of replacing your candles and cleaning candleholders or messy dripping wax.

The flameless candle does not produce any heat and it is safe for a child to hold or turn on. Since there is no flame, there is no need to exercise caution when choosing a place for your candle. Unlike open flame candles, LED candles can be left unattended without risk of fire.

The moving wick candle is not only flameless, but odourless as well. If your candle gives off some sort of fragrance, then there is a good chance that there are phthalates in your candle. When burning a scented open flame candle, you are inhaling the chemicals and other toxic synthetic compounds used to create the scent.
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Moving wick candles are a good addition to a clean, modern home. With no dripping wax, homeowners can feel comfortable knowing that they won’t have to deal with cleaning candle wax off of their tables and floors and the candles maintain that "new” look, with no warping or melting. Candleholders can be especially difficult to keep clean when constantly changing from one candle to the next. With the flameless candle, there is no mess, just the pleasant ambience of soft candlelight.

Outdoor Use

Your outdoor LED candles will be able to produce a dancing flame even in less than ideal weather conditions. Impossible to "blow out,” your candles will be able to withstand extreme heat and even rain! This makes the flameless candle a very popular choice for patio lovers, campers, and anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.

Real Look, Feel, Flicker

Your moving wick candles will have the look, feel, and flicker of an open flame candle. Made with real wax, the LED bulb is hidden from sight with a randomized flicker that provides the look of a moving flame. 

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